GETS-1000B2 Instruments

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Instruments by model number
Agilent 81110A Pulse generator
Agilent E4440A Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent 8757D Scalar Analyzer
Agilent 8753ES S-parameter Vector Network Analyzer
Agilent 8514B S-Parameter test Set
Agilent 8510C Network Analyzer
Agilent 54891B Infiniium Oscilloscope
Agilent N8973A Noise Figure Analyzer
Agilent 5335A * Frequency Counter
Agilent 8662A * Signal Generator
Agilent 81101A Pulse/Function Generator
Agilent 83620b Synthesized Sweeper
Agilent 33250B Synthesizer/Function Generator
Agilent 53131A 10 Digits/s Universal Counter
Agilent 34401A 6-1/2 Digit Multimeter
Agilent E4419B EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter
Agilent N3306A Electronic Load Module
Agilent N3305A Electronic Load Module

* Next to Part Number Means The Product Has Been 
Discontinued & Replacement Parts are currently TBD

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Teradyne M920 VXI Digital Test Unit

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EIP-1141A Synthesizer

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RACAL 1261A VXI Main Frame
RACAL 1260-60 Switches
RACAL 1260-64 Switches

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VXI Technology VM3618

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